Pleased to meet

I am dyslexic photographer and so I like to tell my stories through pictures.
Sometimes I spell words the right way, and sometimes I don’t, but I’ve stopped correcting the text now, the mistakes stay in.
I’m a multidisciplinary person and photography is my language of choice. 
So guess I’m a photographer with extra’s. Belgium/Antwerp is where I live.
I draw my  inspiration from the world around me, it being on land or water, the forest or the city.
The power behind an image i believe comes from the delicate play between light, space, and emotion.
The chase and hunt to capture that moment where everything lines up, that’s what I love. To go out there and find that awesome weird vantage point for that circumstance in that moment.
I don’t want my pictures to be perfect, I want them raw and pure with all its imperfections.
I prefer black & white over grayscale, I want it fresh and crisp … crusty or whimsy.
When not looking through the viewfinder I like to draw, print (letterpress) or do some woodworking. And when that’s done I probably will take some pictures of it. So when I’m done not looking trough my viewfinder … i end up looking at what I’ve made trough my viewfinder.
Apart from photography I have many interests… printing, drawing, graphic design, paper, crafts, woodworking.
I am  self taught for all of this, though I am not an expert at any of this.But I’ve learned that putting aside my fear of failure to be the biggest lesson of all.

A little bit of Random

I love animals … we have 2 cats and 4 dogs l
I’m hated/loved for my “tell it like it is” attitude, probably that's why cats and I get along so well
I would like to have a goat, a donkey and a horse,
I’m a voracious graphic book collector, but rarely get around to reading all of them.
I take the stairs two-at-a-time, used to be three !!
I love walking in the woods, strolling through the city, blading with friends
I love rowing on the lakes in Zeeland
I really love taking my  little nap in the weekends
I love making new friends
I try to be kind to nature and keep it clean
Well that's it for now, have to keep my promise not to use a thousand words and just let the pictures  do the talking in #PHTHGRPHY
All the best and i love to meet you !

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