Pleased to meet

My name is Wim Roderiguez and I'm a photographer based in Antwerp.

I am dyslexic and so photography is my language of choice, I like to tell my stories through pictures.
My  inspiration comes from the world around me, it being on land or water, the forest or the city.
Belgium/Antwerp is where I live and I shoot and work from my backyard to far away.
I have a real passion for architecture and interior design, I love capturing their beauty through my lens.
The power behind an image i believe comes from the delicate play between light, space, and emotion.
The chase and hunt to capture that moment where everything lines up, that’s what I love. 
To go out there and find that awesome weird vantage point for that circumstance in that moment.

I don’t need my pictures to be perfect, I want them raw and pure with all its imperfections.
I prefer black & white over grayscale, I want it fresh and crisp … crusty and contrast.       

I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand his portfolio and is open to jobs all over the world.
Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or homeowner looking to showcase your space.
I will work closely with you to capture the perfect shot.

If you're looking for a photographer to capture the essence & beauty of your project wether it is in architecture, interior
design or lifestyle, feel free to contact me today to learn more about my services and schedule a shoot.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to work with you soon!

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